Software Development and Application Development

Software development needs? Software integration? Analytics?
Business technology consulting and transformation?

TechOps has your organization covered through expert technology consultants and developers. TechOps excels at understanding your business model, needs and customer expectations and works with your organization’s team to identify, design and implement technology solutions to make your business more effective.

  • Software Development

  • 3rd Party Software Integrations

  • Software Design & Planning

TechOps specializes in software programming, custom application development and API integrations

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Techops helps businesses of all sizes
solves business problems with technology

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  • CRM Set-Up & Implementation

    Automatically enter leads into my CRM

  • Sales Management Automation

    Automatically assign leads to a sales rep

  • Marketing Automation & Retouch Marketing

    Create automation that sends follow up emails and texts to a customer

  • Salesforce Reminders & CRM

    Remind my sales rep to follow up with a customer

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Improve my customer's experience when calling our office

  • Customer Journey Consulting

    Track each step in the customer's journey

  • Lead Tracking & Analytics

    Track sales by lead source

  • Financial Forecasting & Reporting

    Forecast sales based on historical data

  • Digital Transformation

    Digitize my sales and operational processes

  • KPI Dashboards & Analytics

    Get daily dashboard reports with Key Performance Indicators

  • Customer Service Improvements

    Track and report sales and customer service calls

  • Text Message Marketing & Customer Experience

    Improve my customer's experience with text notifications