About TechOps Partners

TechOps Partners combines subject matter experts spanning multiple technology disciplines including Managed IT, Web Operations, Cloud, Digital Transformation and Communications. Our multi-discipline approach affords us the ability to provide our customers with a unified view into their Technical Operations. Typically businesses will work with several technology vendors to support these critical business services. Businesses miss opportunities to generate real value out of their IT Operations with this fragmented approach. At TechOps, our teams work strategically with our customers to generate real results from their technical operations – increased sales through CRM Automation, process improvements through process digitization , improved customer experience with better communications and online tools.

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  • CRM Set-Up & Implementation

    Automatically enter leads into my CRM

  • Sales Management Automation

    Automatically assign leads to a sales rep

  • Marketing Automation & Retouch Marketing

    Create automation that sends follow up emails and texts to a customer

  • Salesforce Reminders & CRM

    Remind my sales rep to follow up with a customer

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Improve my customer's experience when calling our office

  • Customer Journey Consulting

    Track each step in the customer's journey

  • Lead Tracking & Analytics

    Track sales by lead source

  • Financial Forecasting & Reporting

    Forecast sales based on historical data

  • Digital Transformation

    Digitize my sales and operational processes

  • KPI Dashboards & Analytics

    Get daily dashboard reports with Key Performance Indicators

  • Customer Service Improvements

    Track and report sales and customer service calls

  • Text Message Marketing & Customer Experience

    Improve my customer's experience with text notifications